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Xiongye precision mould product Co., Ltd

No.13, South Alley,Shan Zi Xia Road,DaKang Community,YuanShan Street,LongGang District,ShenZhen City,ChinaCity,China518115,P R China
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Contact: Mr. Wen Yuan Song
And Mr. Li  Wang

        Shenzhen Xiong Ye Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Ltd has grown by innovation and now has extensive experience in the field of manufacturing of metal stamping tools, plastic injection and die-casting moulds, as well as in the production of metal, plastic and die-casting products and in providing associated service of engineering design/product development and processing and related assembly service in accordance to the requirements of our customers, and in the research development & production of fastener and irregular parts.
        Since the establishment of the company in 1990, we now have over ten thousand square meters of own floor area and over two hundred staff; most of them are experienced engineers, tool makers/technicians and professional managers.  We are well-equipped with a range of advanced equipment like automatic precision stamping and casting production lines, etc.  With the development of country’s economy, we are also growing and improving continually: The multi-function office of administration, comprehensive design and development department, and multi-level metal, plastic, die-casting mold design and production department.  We can fully respond to the request in many aspects of our customers by optimizing the product design hence save cost.  We also take advantage of the development in IT industry and internet to set up an integrated communication platform for design/development and management/production, both internally and externally, to enhance our ability to guarantee the quality of our products.
        We have Dongguan Branch Office and elite team, through our mutual effort, we have successfully developed Xiong ye brand energy-saving environmental protection type multifunctional fastener screws; multi-head full-automatic feeding and tapping machine、full-automatic cutting machine、a kind of full-automatic de-burring machines、full-automatic screw assembly equipment、a kind of low noise, shock proof screw automatic feeder、screw low noise CNC synthesize assembly machine、fasteners CNC synthesize assembly machine、precision screw CNC efficient cutting machine, and we have obtained a number of patents about invention and utility models etc.  

        In our supplies we cover the following areas: telecommunication, electrical enclosures, computers, copiers, fax machines, printers, electronic tools and a vast variety of related peripheral metal and plastic body and inside parts, as well as car accessories, sanitary products, door lock zinc and aluminium die-casted parts, as well as special screws、non-standard and irregular parts etc.
        We are now ISO9001:2015 certified.  With united and concerted efforts of all our employees, we are committed towards providing our customer with quality products, perfect service and fast delivery at competitive pricing.
        For more than ten years, with our good credibility and high quality we have won the trust and support of customers like KEUCO、Radiance、MVAS、Sumitomocorp、PC Engines、Ituner and so on, for example, we have very high appearance treatment advantages for various parts and products, and have rich experience in plating, painting, oxidation, silk screen printing, laser carving and other processes. Especially like the European standard appearance processing that we have many years of customer recognition experience, ordinary similar products just feel different quality. and we are exporting to  Germany, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, Switzerland, USA, and other places of the world.      

        We would like to invite you as our customers and friends from different countries and areas to come to us to enquire, negotiate and co-operate.


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